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- Exclusive Report & Pictures by Alister Miranda

Konkani Music fever has virtually gripped Goa, and Margao in particular, which plays host to the historic first ever Konkani Music Festival, which is all set to
take off at 1630 hrs (IST) tomorrow (February 9, 2002).

Hectic finishing touches were being given to the pandal and stage (that has been named after the late Chris Perry) by the dedicated organisers, led by the
untiring co-ordinator Sai Palondikar till late this evening. Fr. Peter Cardozo and his handpicked musicians converged on the venue at 1930 hrs for a final rehearsal.

Given the honour to musically open the Festival, Maestro Fr Cardozo informed that he had composed a 15-minute non-stop piece that would start with Raag Bhageshree – the Alaap sung by Fr Cardozo, and move on to dulpods, Chris Perry’s 'Lisboa' and many other Konkani favourites. An ensemble comprising four violins, two trumpets, one saxophone, four guitars, one drum set, three gumots, one congo and five singers
would belt out the East-West fusion composition.

Abdonio Rodrigues – ace drummer who has played under the baton of the legendary Frank Fernandes for the Konkani films 'Amchem Noxib' and 'Nirmon'), Agnelo
Dias (trumpet), Peter Lobo (saxophone), ex-deputy superintendent of Goa police Domingos Rodrigues (violin), Fr. Neri Mendes (violin) and Fr. Freddy Rodrigues (guitar) are some of the prominent musicians in Fr. Cardozo’s line-up.

A terrecotta bust of the great Indian classical singer the late Moghubai Kurdikar (sculpted by Valentino Gaspar from Verna) was ready and waiting to be
unveiled by her daughter, the celebrated Goan classical singer Kishori Amonkar, who will then be escorted to the dais to the tunes of noted musician Emiliano da Cruz’ Mandolin.

The Konkani tiatrists too are all geared up to unleash a 2 ½ hour tiatr-based presentation. Co-ordinated by Agnelo de Borim and John Claro, to sing the popular
cantaram to Mariano Rodrigues’ arrangement are M.Boyer, Remmie Colaco, Antonette Mendes, Rita Rose, Joe Rose, H Britton, Jr. Rod, C. D’Silva, Wilson & Sharon Mazarello, Young Chico, Mil-Mel-Nel and Anthony San. Providing rib-ticklers will be Prince Jacob, Humbert, John D’Silva and Selvy.

The arrival of the Mangalorean musicians led by Eric
Ozario and Wilfy Remimbus was eagerly awaited as we
left the venue at 2130 hours to the strains of Fr.
Cardozo’s Alaap.

Although positive enthusiasm permeated all around the
empty pandal, a negative whiff wafted across as a
small pessimistic sounding group expressed fears of
poor attendance since the event coincided with the

They were also animatedly discussing the
misunderstandings that led to singer Ulhas Buyao
non-participation in the Festival.

Solidly backed by the Dempo Group, the Festival is
aimed at bringing together Konkani music of every form
and style.

We wish it all success.
Long live Konkani Music!!!!!!

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