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“Wilmix" on Konkani Tiatr at ‘World Konkani Cultural Convention’ - Mangalore.


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“Wilmix" on Konkani Tiatr at ‘World Konkani Cultural Convention’, Mangalore.

Wilmix Wilson Mazarello, the most experienced and well-read Konkani Tiatrist in Goa today, has been invited to read a “Paper” on the Konkani Tiatr, on Saturday, 11th December 2010 at the “World Konkani Cultural Convention” presently in progress at Mangalore.

The reading of the “Paper” is of 1 hour duration, which will be followed by a “3-Hour, Open House Discussion” on the Konkani Tiatr.

Wilmix, has devoted his entire life to Konkani and has published 2 Scripts of his Konkani Tiatrs in book-form and has also published a Voluminous Book on the History of Konkani Tiatr , entitled “100 years of Konkani Tiatr”.

Wilmix , has been writing on the Konkani Tiatr in almost all the local dailies of Goa and on the Internet, since many many years now.  Wilmix, is an accomplished Stage Actor, Singer, Producer and  Director, whose Songs and Tiatrs have received International fame. Wilmix has produced 28 Audio-Albums of Konkani Songs,  Konkani Stories and his Songs are broadcast over Akashwani (AIR) and Doordarshan TV, since the last 40 years.

Wilmix, is the Founder President of  “Theatre Art & Cultural Training Institute (Goa)”, an N.G.O dedicated to teaching Theatre Art and Music to Goan Youth

Wilmix, is also the Co-Producer of the recently released 35mm Celluloid , Konkani Film “TUM KITEM KORTOLO ASLO?”, wherein he has acted, sang and also composed all the songs for the Film.

Incidentally, on the 30th November 2010, Wilmix and Sharon also gave a live performance at “Kalaangan” (Mangalore), of KONKANI TIATRANTLYAM KANTARANCHO ITIHAS, which received a “Standing Ovation’, from the people of Mangalore and Konkani lovers.

The ‘Paper” on Konkani Tiatr and the Discussions to follow, on the 11th December 2010, is a part of the of the 25-Day long “World Konkani Cultural Convention, organized by the Mandd-Sobhann, to mark its 25 years of service to Konkani Art, Culture and Literature.

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