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TACT / S.A / 124                                                                                                                      Date: 3.6.2012

                                                PRESS NOTE

Theatre Art & Cultural Training Institute (Goa) sends Legal Notice to Sahitya Akademi (New Delhi).

T.A.C.T  Institute (Goa), one of the leading Theatre Organizations  in South Goa has sent a  Legal  Notice to the Sahitya Akademi (New Delhi) for its sectarian, partial, biased  and anti-constitutional  act of neglecting the age-old Roman Script for Konkani .
The Sahitya Akademi  considers for it’s awards Konkani books written only in the Devnagari Script.

Several petitions from  T.A.C.T  Institute (Goa ) and other like-minded Organizations to also consider  Konkani books written in the Roman Script have fallen on deaf  ears.

Sources from  T.A.C.T  Institute (Goa) say the  strength  of their position lies in the guarantee “to safety and development  of existing  scripts”  enshrined in the Constitution of India which is also  reflected in the Constitution of the Sahitya Akademi  itself.
The Constitution of India, Articles 29 & 30 recognizes the right , to maintain a Script and carry out education in that script & language  , as a Fundamental Right.
             Article 29 states :   Any section of the citizens having a distinct language, script or culture of its own has the right to maintain the same.
             Article 30 states:  All minorities, whether based on religion or language, have the right to establish and administer their own educational institutions.

The Constitution of the Sahitya Akademi , at Article b (ix) a,  declares that it is their  Aim & Objective to  to improve and develop the various scripts in which the languages of the country are written;

The T.AC.T Institute (Goa) feels that the arrogant attitude of the Sahitya Akademi (New Delhi) leaves it with no other alternative but to seek “legal course”.

Backed by the Romi Lipi Action Front 
The Romi Lipi Action Front (R.L.A.F.) extends it’s full support to the legal course of action initiated  by T.A.C.T Institute (Goa) against the Sahitya Akademi (New Delhi).

We are happy that finally an N.G.O. has dared to take up this issue concerning a vast population of Goa .

We assure all possible help to T.A.C.T. Institute (Goa) by way of guidance, documentation , legal advisors etc.

Wilmix Wilson Mazarello
(Convenor, Romi Lipi Action Front)

Attached : Copy of Legal Notice

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